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November activities Date: Nov 16th @ 12:56pm EST
:) wishing that the weekend is going great for Everyone. I have been super busy this past month with training, school, and modeling gigs. It is all going good but keeping my schedule tight. I have made time for more shows this week do get online in my Fan Club for free live shows for my Members. I made some new videos and posting more pictures in the Fan Club tonight. So my plan this week is to do a free show in the morning for all my Members and another free show in the evening each day in this new week. If I can not get online I will make a new sexy video instead. Before my live shows for FC Members I will have a countdown clock in place because its an easy way to let everyone know when the next show is. I will also post on my twitter when my next shows are @Cameronfosterx
Im excited for the sexy shows today in the Fan Club. For the first show I will be oiling up my naked body where ever my Members want ;) and the 2nd show tonight will be a surprise! Going to get back to my studying now and then post some new pictures in the Fan Club See you Guys soon XO
Cameron Foster
September 30th Date: Sep 30th @ 10:44pm EDT
Fan Club Shows and Raffle! Date: Sep 30th @ 2:45am EDT
Sunday Fun day! Date: Sep 7th @ 11:48pm EDT
Wow this weekend went by fast.. I guess the saying is true time does seem to go fast when your having fun :) I hope Everyone has enjoyed their weekend. I am excited for a great week with all of you. I plan on going live this week and also going for some contest since I have not done that in a little while. I will be back online Monday night at 10 pm EST but I will try to get online sooner if I can finish up training soon enough. I have less than a month till my fitness show and Birthday! turned 25 but do not feel much different than at 18 haha. I had a great time in my Fan Club today with all my Members that joined me. We had some sexy shows from playing with my dildo, stroking my cock, flexing, nipple play, bicep kissing and more! Wow it was a sexy night ;) Im looking forward to coming back! As for the rest of tonight Im going to get in my bicep workout at the gym and probably some abs too. I also would like to post some more pictures in the Fan Club. I posted a lot of new ass pictures after my butt workout and soon I think I will post a lot of cock pictures ;) so stay on look out for that! I will post on my twitter @cameronfosterx when I do get a chance to post these new pictures. I hope the new videos of me playing with my sex toys are being enjoyed and I do plan on making a new video this week! Thank you all for the great times and I hope to see you Monday! XO Cameron Foster
Friday Night Party Date: Sep 6th @ 11:49pm EDT
Thursday play day :) Date: Sep 4th @ 11:52pm EDT
Hey Guys its almost the weekend! Im so excited :) because weekends are usually extra fun if you make it that way. I want to go to a club with friends Friday night and Saturday will probably check out a pool party if the weather is nice. I had a great time earlier in the Fan Club. I did an awesome muscle show with my Fan Club Members that joined me. Got all oiled up and did biceps, shoulders and abs. Felt pretty pumped from it! I would like to do another free show for my Fan Club Members very soon! I will post on my twitter @cameronfosterx and in the Fan Club wall when the next free show is. Also remember Guys you can email me here and I love getting your emails. I respond a lot faster here because Im able to check my messages just about everyday here. I have also been enjoying flirt phone recently too! Have had some hot phone sex and also just chatting about life too. Really up to you Guys what we talk and do there since I like it all. Sunday I do not have any set plans yet but I will do my best to get online here. I had a wonderful Member wish me happy birthday and they got the day correct but its not till next month. Still super sweet and nice of them to remember. Now it has me thinking though my birthday is in a month and I gotta do something big! Im thinking road trip and beach or something. The prior year I got on here before I went out and had an awesome birthday party with Everyone that joined me. Still a month to plan it and also less than 30 days away from my fitness show too. Its going to be a busy and fun month. Looking forward to spending it with you Guys! Cheers, XO Cameron
Wedneday Hump Day! Date: Sep 3rd @ 11:57pm EDT
Hey Everyone its the middle of the week already! Wow this week is going by fast. Its seems to be true time flys when your having fun and I had a great time with the new Fan Club video! I was shopping for some lube and body oil. I have been told I should get a case of it since it usually lasts me a week haha. I came across this "hot piece of ass" sex toy. I was looking at them because by popular requests I have had many asking if I can get a toy I fuck. I also have a couple friends that got a similar toy and have been wondering about it. Well the gentleman who told me about the toy had a long speech to say about and how awesome it was. That was the finale convincing I needed to give this toy a try. Well took my new piece of ass home and gave it a go! The man was right and this hot ass does feel great and pretty fun too! Its fun to let the imagination run wild with this toy and bust a much needed nut! I still love rubbing and touching myself but sometimes its fun to have some extra assistance ;)
I hope that my Fan Club Members enjoy the new video I made. I got so sweaty from going at it for over an hour with this new toy. I gave an up close and underneath view of me fucking the toy. Im used to camera crews doing angles and etc for me while fucking but this fun. Believe it or not I havent had sex since my prior porn scene a month ago haha so I really go to town on this hot piece of ass!
Tuesday thoughts Date: Sep 2nd @ 11:40pm EDT
Hey Everyone I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend. There was a lot of exciting stuff happening here with model contests. I didn't compete in this one but did do a free Fan Club show which went great. I have a fitness competition in less than a month so I'm working out 3 or more times per day. I got the supplements I ordered like protein, natural testosterone boosters and more so my body can manage all the fitness stuff. Im thinking about doing more workouts at home and in the Fan Club so I can spend more time there. The prior time I did that I ended up working out naked haha which was awesome with my Members. I will make time to get online here for more private and group shows since I enjoy those as well. Since I haven't been able to get online as much I went from the top 10 percent ranking models to top 20 percent. I need to get back to the top :) I appreciate all the love and niceness I get here Guys and it keeps me coming back for more! If you haven't seen my Twitter yet, check it out. I have pictures there, post when I'm getting online and have more adult films coming out!
Check in my profile for my VODS, I have hundreds of sexy videos there. Next free Fan Club show is Thursday at 10pm EST! See you soon, XO Cameron
Labor Day Weekend Date: Sep 1st @ 8:56pm EDT
Hey Guys, I hope your all enjoying your Labor Day Weekend! I have had a great time in the Fan Club with shows and giving away a free pass extension to the website during Sunday night's show and raffle. I will pick another raffle winner this Friday Everyone! All you gotta do to get a raffle ticket is be a Member in my Fan Club and you could possibly win a free extension to your membership! I have enjoyed the Member shows and I like up the type of show for those that are new. Sometimes I'm performing a dildo play show, a cum show, muscle flexing, showering, and more. I've also had requests to get online a chat more so I will be doing that more. Thank you guys for love, I appreciate all the niceness. Today I got some fun in the sun, worked out and now just about ready to get on WebCam for a Members show! Hope you all can join. 10pm EST and make sure to follow me on Twitter because I made a posts about the Fan Club show way earlier. Remember you can message me here if you have any questions or want to set up 1:1 time with me. Talk to you soon!
Cameron Foster
Monday Date: Aug 25th @ 7:42pm EDT
I hope Everyone enjoyed their weekend. Mine was nice with friends, movies and dinners. Busy day at the gym and just got home. I got in a great chest and abdominal workout. My strength is going up like I want. Each week I just bump the weight up by a bit. I got a nice massage earlier too, which I needed from all the gym time. Im excited for the Fan Club show tonight at 10pm EST! I will be doing a free show for Members. Also going to stay after the show just to chat a bit since I had a good time with that in the prior shows. Thinking tonight going to be oiling my body up and working out in some tight undies with my Members. This week I also plan on going live for more private show since I had a great time with that yesterday. If Im not online and you want to set something up with me just send me an email. I also have had requests to follow back on twitter, please just say that on my twitter page. I cant be writing down screen names etc while on live chat with so much going on. I will be adding new pictures this week in the Fan Club and doing free Member shows :)Check out my twitter for updates!
XO Cameron

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